British talent search series Pop Idol has spawned dozens of spin-offs in over 30 countries, in the what is now referred to as the Idols format (as described by FremantleMedia). As part of an out-of-court settlement between the Pop Idol producers and the creators of Popstars, international sales contracts of the format contain a clause preventing the local broadcaster from using the word pop in the local title.

Idol spin-offs around the world:Edit

The original United Kingdom show, Pop Idol, debuted in 2002. Its winners were Will Young and Michelle McManus. Since its debut, the format has been sold to numerous broadcasters around the world. These variants are listed below, along with the names of the winners:

Region Series title
(alternative title)
Arab World Super Star
(سوبر ستار)
Arab Idol
Armenia Hay Superstar
(Հայ Սուպերսթար)
Australia Australian Idol
Bangladesh Bangladeshi Idol
Belgium Idool
Brazil Ídolos
Bulgaria Music Idol
Cambodia Cambodian Idol
Canada Canadian Idol
China Zhōngguó Mèng Zhī Shēng Chinese Idol
(中國夢之聲 Chinese Idol)
Colombia Idol Colombia
Croatia Hrvatski Idol
Hrvatska traži zvijezdu
Czech Republic Česko hledá SuperStar
Czech Republic and Slovakia Česko Slovenská Superstar
(Česko Slovenská Superstar, season 1-2
Superstar season 3-4)
Denmark Idols
East Africa Idols
Estonia Eesti otsib superstaari
Finland Idols
France Nouvelle Star
(A la Recherche de la Nouvelle Star, season 1
Nouvelle Star, season 2-present)
Georgia Geostar
Saqartvelos Varskvlavi
(საქართველოს ვარსკვლავი)
Chven Varskvlavebi Vart
(ჩვენ ვარსკვლავები ვართ)
Germany Deutschland sucht den Superstar
Greece Super Idol
Greek Idol
Iceland Idol stjörnuleit
India Indian Idol
Indonesia Indonesian Idol
Kazakhstan SuperStar KZ
Kurdistan Kurd Idol
Latin America Latin American Idol
Macedonia Macedonian Idol
Malaysia Malaysian Idol
Maldives Maldivian Idol
Myanmar Myanmar Idol
Nepal Nepal Idol
Netherlands Idols
New Zealand NZ Idol
Nigeria Nigerian Idol
Norway Idol
Pakistan Pakistan Idol
Philippines Philippine Idol
Pinoy Idol
Poland Idol
Portugal Ídolos
Puerto Rico Idol
Russia Narodniy Artist
(Народный Артист)
Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia Idol
Singapore Singapore Idol
Slovakia Slovensko hľadá SuperStar
South Africa Idols
Idols (South Africa Afrikaans Version)
Sweden Idol
Turkey Turkstar
United Kingdom Pop Idol
United States American Idol
Vietnam Vietnam Idol
(Thần Tượng Âm Nhạc: Vietnam Idol, season 1-4
Thần Tượng Âm Nhạc Việt Nam, season 5-present)
West Africa Idols

There is also a World Idol competition, however not all of the countries listed above participated in the December 2003 competition.